What is VirtuBee

WOW effect

Engage your potential customers in the first second and allow them to immerse themselves in the VR world, where your product plays a key role


Our system can do things that you would find hard to find elsewhere and that would not even be possible in the real world

Industry 4.0

Digitization in industry goes hand in hand with digitization in the area of product presentations. Gain and stay ahead of the competition!

VirtuBee is an innovative 3D presentation system for effective digital promotion of any products, whether from industry, automotive, robotics, healthcare, but also any other field. The system offers a lot of unique functions, including the interactive cutting function, which allows you to look inside the presented product, which is a function that would not be possible in real life either at all or only very complicated and the product would have to be manually disassemble.

Especially due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic and the limited possibility of traveling, it is difficult for export companies to present their products to their potential customers. Exhibitions and trade fairs have been canceled, air transport is severely limited, so it is very difficult for sales representatives today to meet the customer in person.

Our system allows you to present products of any size and shape, there is no restriction on this, so it is possible to present anything from a toy car to a turbine of a nuclear reactor (or even something bigger :)).

The application is designed to combine all the services we offer, ie. 3D scanning (if 3D models of presented objects are not available), 360 ° photography (for creating HDRI backgrounds), experience in creating a believable environment for architectural visualizations and development of VR / 3D applications as such.

What VirtuBee can do

VirtuBee runs in VR mode, thanks to which it really engulfs your business partners and will definitely interest them as well. The wow effect is absoulutely amazing here. The controls are very simple and intuitive, so that they can be mastered very quickly by someone who has had no experience with VR. Practically everything is controlled with just one button on the controller, you can then take some objects in your hand and manipulate them as you wish and view them not only from all sides, but also from the inside.

The application can have a full 3D environment, in which it is then possible to move freely as in a computer game. The environment can be either manually modeled (as in the sample video), or it can be a 3D scan (for example, offices or production halls of the company).

This mode is basically the same as the HDRI background, with the difference that the object of interest is placed on a turntable and a smaller environment is modeled around it.

Annotations can also be supplemented by a spoken commentary, which starts automatically when you click on the annotation. (Video has audio)


When pointing at active objects, a pointer is displayed, which serves both for control and as a real pointer for display, which is especially useful for the accompanying explanation.

It is not always possible or appropriate to use 3D mode. The application can also be used to create a video, which can then be placed anywhere on the web.

Whether it's products of all shapes and sizes, from a toy car model to a nuclear reactor turbine, nothing is a problem and VirtuBee can handle it.

Interactive cutting is one of the most interesting functions that our presentation system offers. In the application, it is possible to view the cutting plane and manipulate it as you wish. Using this plane, the presented object is then interactively cut, so that the visitor can see even those parts that would otherwise remain hidden from him, because they are inside. Alternatively, the internal function of the presented object, such as an internal combustion engine, can be demonstrated in this way.


It is not always necessary to model a full 3D environment. Thanks to our experience with the creation of virtual tours, resp. with taking 360 ° photos, it is also possible to use the so-called HDRI Backdrop, where the full environment is not modeled, but 360° HDR photos serve as a background. This photo can be taken, for example, directly in the production hall of the company for which the presentation is being processed, in the parking lot in front of the company, but also anywhere else, eg in the mountains, on the beach, etc.
This mode is also fully compatible with VR.

There are hotspots around the object, which can be clicked on to display a table with text on which one can read various information.


What you just see in VR is also displayed on a connected monitor or projector. This can be used for an annotated interpretation, where the lecturer is wearing VR glasses and comments on what he sees and the audience watches him either in the same room on a connected projector, or over the Internet, where they are transmitted image and sound from the lecturer. Thanks to this, your business partner does not have to have VR glasses or a powerful computer at all, and yet he can enjoy the VR tour, in addition he will have direct contact with you, so he can ask anything during the presentation.

A video screen or projector can be placed in the environment, which can run a promotional video or slideshow (including audio).

We develop VirtuBee completely by ourselves, so we are not limited in any way to functions performed by someone else. So if the customer wants a function that is not yet implemented in the application, then it is no problem to put it there exactly according to client's requirements.

To liven up the environment, there are also animated people in our application.

Thanks to the fact that we also deal with 3D scanning, we can put digital duplicates of real people here. The product could then be demonstrated, for example, by the digital twin of the company's boss.

Note - in this development version, the characters do not move their mouths while speaking. This will be added later.